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Flowering Trees

Ornamental trees like Service Berry (Amelenchier), Japanese tree Lilacs (Syringa), and Flowering Crabapples (Malus) can give you bloom times from early spring to late summer in shades from pure white to deep lavender and all the colors in between.

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Evergreen Trees

Dee-sign carries some very unusual specimens of evergreens that may be just what you were looking for.

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Fruit Trees

Urban Apple (Malus) and Stella Cherry (Prunus Avium) are dwarf varieties that are perfectly suited for the landscape in Omaha.

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Shade Trees

These majestic beauties are found in almost every yard and they can seriously reduce your ecological footprint by lowering your utility use (also lowering your bill to save you $$$).

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Shrubs for Shade

Shade gardens can be difficult for the homeowner to design and have success, but with a little help from our educated staff, you can have the garden that is the talk of the neighborhood.

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Shrubs for Sun

Some of the most exciting shrubs for the landscape, sun shrubs can bloom, give you a small fruit, and fall color.

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Evergreen Shrubs

We live where winter can seem to last as long as 6 months, so we need green in the winter to remind us that there is life under the snow…

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Flowering Shrubs

While we do carry the very low maintenance, everblooming shrub roses like Knockout (deep pink, almost red), Home Run (true red), Yellow Knockout (yellow-cream), and Living Easy (orange).

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Small Shrubs

You don’t want to plant a shrub that gets 8’x 8’ in a space that is only 3’ wide just because it is called a dwarf. Dwarf, in the shrub world often refers to leaf size not actual plant size.

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