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Small shrubs, perennials, and evergreen

By far the most requested quality in a landscape is ‘Low Maintenance Landscaping’.

There is no such thing as ‘No Maintenance’ but we have really honed our skills to provide an appealing landscape that requires very little work to keep it that way.

Using the correct plants in exactly the right places allows us to reduce or even eliminate the need for trimming, fertilizing and even weeding.

low maintenance landscaping

Trees, shrubs (especially evergreen) and easy care perennials reduce maintenance.  Paired with hardscaping, such as patios and pathways, we can achieve excellent ground coverage.  By covering your space with desirable plants and hardscape, it drastically reduces the amount of undesirable plants that can grow.

There are many tricks to the trade when it comes to landscape care, like how to use products like pre-emergent and mulch.

We will happily teach you how to minimize the upkeep or your property, or we can also do it for you.


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