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Plot plan for a residential property

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Plot plans for your property are a must for building a complete design.

Having an accurate plot is like knowing the size of your room when deciding on how to decorate or what furniture to buy, but even more. How your property is situated, which direction your home faces (even slightly East or slightly West is of major importance), as well as where and what you currently have growing on your property, are all major factors in deciding what to put where. Even if you want to do a fair amount of your own landscaping, a well done plot is invaluable in the information and pre-planning it can provide. At Dee-sign, we typically do a fully plotted drawing prior selecting and installing any phase of a landscape project. If you know exactly where you are going, you know exactly where you will end up. While you might miss out on some happy surprises if you don’t follow your heart and make some creative changes along the way, it is ALWAYS best to start with a plan… With, of course, the artistic license of making changes at your will.

We have the ability to plot, to scale, your complete property including: Plant location and identification, existing bedlines, fences, house and/or other structures. Having this treasure map is crucial to develop a beautifully flowing plan, that will then turn into a beautifully flowing Landscape. Dee-sign can provide this service at an Hourly rate.

Plotted residential property


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