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Rain Gardens are a crucial way to clean our water, reduce pollution, and reduce our own (and others) carbon footprint.

There are many ways to design and install a rain garden.  Each design should depend on how much water it is receiving and cleaning, as well as, what it is cleaning out of the water. 

A rain garden should also be designed based on the actual shape, size and slope of the property.  The materials and plants used are also dependent on the type of soil existing on property as well as many other factors like sun, shade, and exposure elements.  In other words, hire a professional.

For the design phase at least, it is really important that you have an educated, skilled designer that understands every factor that needs to be considered when creating a proper rain garden.  While the internet is incredibly useful in providing information (on everything)  it really doesn’t narrow down for you the information that is pertinent to your specific area, your specific soil type, your specific conditions.  It also doesn’t really separate the valid information from the “not so valid” information.  Just because someone wrote a blog, or posted on Facebook does not always qualify them as an expert.  Both Missy and Anna at Dee-sign are educated, qualified and certified in storm water management. 

Our continued education keeps us at the forefront of what really works, and what really does not for our area.  Especially when it comes to rain gardens and other water collecting and cleaning features, you want it to work.  This is why you need to contact us before you even look at that shovel.  A design and step by step guide may be all you need to have a successful rain garden.

Whatever it takes, we will work with you to ensure you are successful.  Our Earth is depending on us… and we are depending on it!

Primarily for the homeowner, a rain garden installed on your property can solve several existing water and drainage issues, and it can also help you do your part in cleaning the water before it enters our sewer system.

Proper plant installation will filter water and allow you a beautiful space that requires little if any watering throughout the growing season.


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