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Flowering Plants

Having tall Cannas, Ornamental grasses like Purple Fountain Grass, or a Zinnia mixture can really add drama to your flower pots.

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Foliage Plants

Wandering Jew with silver and purple trailing leaves or Marguerite Potato Vine with bright lime green foliage will trail exquisitely over a planter or hanging basket.

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Custom Pots

You are welcome to bring in your pots and plant them up right at our potting table. Why not make the mess at our place?

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Hanging Baskets

Fuschias and Begonias will brighten any shady spot, while Million Bells (Calibrachoa), SuperCal (Petchoa), and Wave Petunias or Supertunias never fail to explode with color.

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Succulents & Cacti

Living rock was one of our most popular varieties last year, but we are always getting new selections in, so you have to shop often for the newest additions.

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