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We install custom patios of all shapes and sizes.

They can be made out of several different materials ranging from brick, concrete pavers, and even natural stone products. Your outdoor patio space will enhance your property by increasing your actual living space.

Correctly preparing and installing your patio is crucial for its longevity. All of our paver patios are installed over 6’”-8” of base material that is tamped with a vibratory plate tamper every 3” or less.   This is a critical step (often skipped by cut-rate installers) that does take a fair amount of labor to accomplish.

The result, however, is that your patio stays put, with little to no sinking anywhere. Our company has had to remove and or repair many patios over the years that were installed incorrectly.  Unfortunately, without the proper base, patios tend to settle toward the house. This leaves you with a patio that not only looks and functions terribly, but it also causes grading issues at your foundation pushing water into your house. No one wants to deal with water in their basement, and avoiding the problem is always better than fixing it after the fact.

Cobblestone-paver-patio-midtown   Cobblestone patio


IMG00805-20121101-1113 - Copy   Entryway walk path and courtyard patio


Patio-stoop-paver-mixed-color - Copy  Stoop and patio with blended colors

Adding a patio to your landscape will increase the property value as much as any other home remodeling project you can do.  A well installed patio not only increases the function of how you can use your outdoor space, it literally increases your home’s value.  It is important that you do your research when hiring a professional landscaper.  Be sure that they are not only licensed and insured, but also check references.  Is the company a member of the BBB, and how is their standing?  Do you have a way to reach the installer should you have any issues?  Generally speaking, you don’t want to only have a p.o. box or a cell phone as a way to reach your contractor.  A new patio is an important investment, protect yourself by going with a reputable company that has a storefront or office location that you can go to, if you should ever have any problems.



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