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Trees and Shrubs

We also carry a wide variety of trees and shrubs for the urban landscape that are suitable for the Great Plains area of Nebraska and the extreme weather patterns we encounter throughout the entire year.

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Annuals and Tropical's

Extreme color and excitement throughout the growing season can be achieved by working with one of our experts to give you the best advice for a season of color that is uniquely yours.

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While annuals bloom endlessly throughout the growing season, Perennials do not require the nutrients, and extra work (like re-planting every year) that annuals do.

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Plant Health

Because we order from local and northern growers, all of our trees, shrubs and perennials are very well suited for the area.

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Garden Decor

Statuary and fountains. New lightweight pottery. Gazebos all dressed up

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Huge Selection


First time visitors are always surprised by our HUGE plant selection.

When you come to us for your gardening needs you will be pleasantly surprised by the knowledgeable staff and the time we spend assisting you with all your needs.

Because of the deceivingly small entrance, most are unaware of how big our size and selection really is.

Situated on over half an acre, we have a thousand square foot hoop house and over 20,000 square feet of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and tropicals.



Pets and children are welcome to come along for your nursery shopping trip.

We even have parents that bring the kids in just to pet the friendly cats.

More than one customer has said, “This is like small town service in a big city please keep it up”.



We carry a wide variety of gift items including locally crafted and also Fair Trade Products. 

A unique selection of concrete statuary and benches, pottery, trellises, screens and furniture fill every empty space left ensuring that you will be sure to find whatever it is you may be searching for to add to your own garden.

Come on in to browse, chat and have some fun. You just may find the perfect items to compliemnt your garden!


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Anna, thanks for your hard work I'm so glad I found your shop

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