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Primarily for business owners, the city of Omaha now requires all new parking lots to have a bio retention basin installed.

These basins control and clean rain water before it enters the grey water drain system. Installation of bio retention basins has and will continue to help our environment for decades to come.

They allow for the proper filtration of rainwater into the new sewer systems being installed city wide.

If you happen to have a lot that can’t be drained above ground (finding daylight) this is also an option for homeowners.  It works the same as a rain garden, but allows for the water to run into the city’s grey water and off of your property.  This is used when there just isn’t anywhere else for the water to go.  Bio-retention, bio-swail, and rain gardens all serve the same function “cleaning the water” before it hits our streams, rivers and lakes.  ‘Rainscaping’ has become a very important part of reducing our carbon footprint.  Using the best measures for the property, we can reduce, not only the amount of excessive chemicals and litter getting into our waterways, but also protect the streams and river banks from excessive erosion.  By slowing down the rate at which the rainwater is delivered to the streams we can reduce flooding and also major drops in the depths of our waterways.  This protects the banks of the streams and lakes, and also protects the wildlife that live in these areas.

Another benefit of filtering the water before it hits the streams and lakes is the temperature control.  Have you ever purchased a fish from a pet store?  The reason they want you to keep the fish in the bag, floating in the tank, before releasing the fish, is because fish are very sensitive to temperature change.  When our water runs and overflows straight from the streets and gutters into these precious streams and lakes, it causes a major temperature change that kills thousands of fish every time it happens.  Being aware is the first step, and doing something about it is the next.  Help us take better care of our waterways by having us help you treat your current water runoff.


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