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Duabs-frosted-juniper-evergreen-small      Wpg-Norway-Spruce-tree-form

These gems will keep the doldrums away when the rest of the landscape goes to sleep.

We live where winter can seem to last as long as 6 months, so we need green in the winter to remind us that there is life under the snow…

We do carry a unique variety of evergreen shrubs of all sizes and colors. Yes I said colors, evergreens like Old Gold Juniper and Golden Mops (Chamaecyparis) come in shades of brilliant gold.

Globe Blue Spruces have a magnificent Silvery Blue tint that really stands out in the landscape.

Sidenote: Not all evergreens are Pines but all Pines are evergreens, there are also: Spruce, Fir, and Juniper just to name a few other varieties of evergreens that will grow here in the Midwest.

Weeping-Norway-Spruce-shrub-evergreen  Weeping Norway Spruce


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